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IPSentry License Information

IPSentry is licensed under the standard runtime licensing and provides for unlimited device monitoring with a single license running on a single computer. There is no license limitation on the number of devices (servers, workstations, databases, event logs, etc...) that can be monitored from a single installation under the standard licensing.

A Single license provides the proper licensing for installing and executing IPSentry software on one computer from which you may monitor as many servers, workstations, routers, devices, and etc. as necessary.

This means that whether you have 1 device or 500 devices to monitor, a single license of IPSentry running on a centralized computer is sufficient licensing to monitor all of the systems. 

Add-in components are also licensed for runtime.   A single license is required to utilize that add-in with a licensed installation of IPSentry.  From that single installation, there is no license limitation on the number of monitors that can be created using the installed add-in component.

*The low cost, lightweight IPSentry LITE License provides for only 5 monitored devices and represents the only exception to unlimited device monitoring in our product line.

If you have any questions regarding licensing, please do not hesitate to contact us at Sales@ipsentry.com


RGE, Inc. - PO Box 583 - Danville, IN  46122
Phone: 317-745-3398 - Fax: 317-745-3147