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File and Directory Monitoring Add-In (v7)

File and Directory Monitoring Add-In (v7)
File and Directory Monitoring Add-In (v7)
Monitor files and folders for size, count, modification, existence, and more.
Price: $59.00
Product Details
PipSentry File and Directory Monitoring Add-In
The ipSentry File and Directory monitoring add-in provides ipSentry with file and directory scanning and monitoring of various aspects of file information such as file existence, size, total directory size, directory tree size, file counts, new file counts, modified files, and unmodified files and folders.
The add-in can monitor file and directory information on local drives, network shares, and FTP servers.
This add-in is ideal for monitoring storage queues, quota limits, file updates, files that must be updated, etc...
Perform scans on files and folders to check for existence, changes in size, modifications, file additions or file deletions, scan single folders or an entire directory tree. 
Check to make sure log files are being updated, directories are being cleaned out, queue folders are not growing out of control, and that things are functioning.  In some cases, the only way to tell if a process or application is actually doing it's job is detect changes in specific files or folders. 
This add-in does that and much more.   This little tool solves a lot of problems that just can't be solved any other way.
Licensing Details:
ipSentry and associated add-in components are licensed as a run-time license.
Single License
A single license is required to execute the ipSentry software on a single computer. There is no limitation imposed on the number of servers, workstation, devices, and etc. that can be monitored from that single installation.
License Pack
In situations where ipSentry must be installed and run on multiple machines for isolation, security policy, or other specific requirements, the ipSentry license packs provide built in quantity discounts for mid to heavy deployment of the software across multiple locations. From each of the installation points, the license provides for unlimited device monitoring functionality.
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