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Modem Connection Monitoring Add-In (v7)

Modem Connection Monitoring Add-In (v7)
Modem Connection Monitoring Add-In (v7)
Monitor remote modems and modem banks to insure they are answering and negotiating handshake.
Price: $59.00
Product Details
ipSentry Modem Connection Monitoring Add-In
Whether you have modem banks or a dial up security status modem, you want to make sure that when a request to negotiation a modem handshake is made, that it succeeds.  

The ipSentry Modem Connection add-in is a specialized feature intended for systems requiring dial in modem connections.

This add-in allows you to perform basic dial + handshake modem based tests to ensure that you can establish a modem based connection to the remote modem.

With the basic modem scripting option, you can add simple send/receive functionality after an established connection for more specialized situations where modem based dialogue may be required such as user login functionality.

This functionality is ideal for testing dial-up terminal servers and provides with confidence that:
  • Your customers are not receiving BUSY signals.
  • Your customers are not receiving RNA's (Ring No Answer)
  • Your terminal servers are requesting login credentials.
  • Your authentication system is functioning properly.
  • Your Security / Emergency system outbound phone line is available.**
**Today, many security monitoring systems use POTS lines to send out fire and theft alerts, unfortunately - what if the lines are down and the system can't make the call?   Enter an inexpensive modem, sitting in auto-answer mode on the same line.  For about $400 invested in a Modem, ipSentry, this add-in, and a small UPS to keep the modem powered up for an hour during a power outage, you might just save yourself thousands, millions, or even save a life by making sure the telephone line is always up for the emergency and security systems to dial the outbound alert when a security problem is detected. 
*Always check with your security and emergency systems service provider for their advice and recommendations to determine if this type of activity is compatible with your existing configuration before adding any devices to your emergency outbound lines.
Licensing Details:
ipSentry and associated add-in components are licensed as a run-time license.
Single License
A single license is required to execute the ipSentry software on a single computer. There is no limitation imposed on the number of servers, workstation, devices, and etc. that can be monitored from that single installation.
License Pack
In situations where ipSentry must be installed and run on multiple machines for isolation, security policy, or other specific requirements, the ipSentry license packs provide built in quantity discounts for mid to heavy deployment of the software across multiple locations. From each of the installation points, the license provides for unlimited device monitoring functionality.
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