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SNMP Device Monitoring Add-In (v7)

SNMP Device Monitoring Add-In (v7)
SNMP Device Monitoring Add-In (v7)
Monitor SNMP compliant devices and send SNMP Alert notifications from ipSentry .
Price: $59.00
Product Details
ipSentry SNMP Device Monitoring and Trap Alerting Add-In
The ipSentry SNMP Monitor and Alert add-in provides you with the ability to monitor SNMP compliant devices for management objects for specific value thresholds.
The SNMP add-in allows you to setup multiple filters to be checked during a cycle - if any one of the values queried match the specified alerting filters, the add-in will return an alert state to ipSentry thus causing any scheduled alerts to be triggered.
The add-in component contains a built-in MIB browser, MIB compiler, and SNMP MIB walker allowing you to import vendor specific MIB definitions and perform hierarchical viewing of the devices many values for selection within the given filters.
Use of this add-in is generally utilized to test various aspects of values returned from the queried device and compare to a user-defined threshold. However, the add-in provides additional monitoring functionality as a byproduct of it's usage.
  • Ensure that the Device is responding to SNMP queries
  • Ensure that the object being queried is accessible.
    The values returned are then compared against your filters which may include whether or not:
    • Value is Equal To a specific value.
    • Value is Like a specific value (OCTET STRING)
    • Value Contains a specified value (OCTET STRING)
    • Value is less than a specified value
    • Value has changed
    • Value has increased
    • Value has decreased
    • Value is within a specified range
    • Value has increased by more than a specified value.
    • Value has decreased by more than a specified value.
    • Value has changed by more than a specified value.
Each of the above can be compared for positive or inverse matches.
The SNMP Device and Trap alerting add-in is a dual function add-in component with built-in MIB browser allowing you to walk the MIB on an SNMP device with it's primary focus on the ability to query SNMP compliant devices (V1, V2c, V3) for object values and evaluate them against a user defined filter that ranges from octet matches and contains, to value range thresholds, along with inverse and delta based comparisons. 
You can specify the object ID directly if you know it or you can import the MIB definitions, locate the object in the SNMP tree, walk the host and select the object for filtering and alerting.
Within this add-in comes the SNMP trap alerting functionality for use in the ipSentry Add-In Alert area.  The ipSentry base application includes an alerting mechanism for add-in components which extends the base functionality considerably.  ipSentry can send traps to a trap host as a notification regarding the state of the entry being monitoring along with a descriptive on the reason for the alert allowing you to incorporate monitoring results into your existing SNMP management systems. 
Licensing Details:
ipSentry and associated add-in components are licensed as a run-time license.
Single License
A single license is required to execute the ipSentry software on a single computer. There is no limitation imposed on the number of servers, workstation, devices, and etc. that can be monitored from that single installation.
License Pack
In situations where ipSentry must be installed and run on multiple machines for isolation, security policy, or other specific requirements, the ipSentry license packs provide built in quantity discounts for mid to heavy deployment of the software across multiple locations. From each of the installation points, the license provides for unlimited device monitoring functionality.
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